Itoikawa & Hori sans – bringing it!

May 28, 2010

A new addition to the training schedule from this year has been the 18:15, one hour regular class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays – the class is a stripped down version of the regular 90 minute class, and it’s proving to be popular with the guys who finish work around that time – after a day of work leaving me feeling tired, this class is a perfect training session – some technique, followed by some solid sparring – without  having to draw deep to make it through what would be 90 minutes!

Itoikawa and Horie sans trained today, along with Ken san who visited us from Triforce Aoyama – 久々! As you can see from the photo, these guys are seemingly ready to carry on and take it to the following class, 19:30 beginner class, which is what guys like Noel do, using the beginner class as a good chance to review some fundamental techniques as well as having a solid warm down – for me though this class was enough!


English class – May 27th

May 27, 2010

We missed Shimyo sensei today because he is sick – get well soon! Here are some of the notes from class which you can use to catch up – good luck!


  1. A looks a lot like B, but in fact…… Meaning: two things look similar, but if you look closely, you can find differences – “Noel’s Jiu Jitsu looks a lot like Dan’s Jiu Jitsu, but in fact Noel uses more combinations……”.
  2. X have / has _____ in common with____ Meaning: have a similar value, interest – “I have riding scooters in common with Shimyo sensei”.
  3. Quality time. Meaning: to spend time doing a worthwhile activity – “We spend quality time every Thursday in the competition class”.
  4. To combat. Meaning: to fight against, to fix, to protect, to stop – “you should wear a mask to combat hay fever (花粉症)
  5. Based in. Meaning: be in a place for work – “I live in Itabashi but I am based in Ikebukuro, where my academy is”.


  1. Hoist – “To do this sweep right, first you need to hoist your opponents leg towards his chest…..”.
  2. Describe – “Please describe your feeling about competing in America”.
  3. Addicted – “My father is addicted to cigarettes”.
  4. Distracted – I can’t concentrate well on class because I am distracted by thinking about the competition in America.
  5. Term – “Omoplata and Triangle choke are both Jiu Jitsu terms”.

Shibamoto sensei will miss next week’s class as he will leave for the USA to compete – good luck!

World Cup 2010 – South Africa

May 24, 2010

The football (or soccer – whatever) World Cup is just around the corner – Nike have really gotten me in the mood with this advertisement that they have just released – I thought the Christian Ronaldo segment with Homer Simpson was a little bit of class!

England will be going to the world cup, they had a good build up with the new manager Capello, but I can only see us going as far as the Semi final (if the tables are kind to us). Japan are in the group of death with Holland and Cameroon, but if they can get an early win against Denmark then you never know……

Really looking forward to see what kind of atmosphere the world cup brings to Tokyo – people at work are talking about having a beer or two after work whilst watching a game, or getting together on off days to join in the revelry….

Nice work!

May 24, 2010

Well done again to all the guys who levelled up with new belts recently – here is Sakurai san looking quite pleased with himself with his recently awarded blue belt – good work sir!

すごくいいトレーニングでした! Friday night fights :)

May 21, 2010

Congratulations to all the boys who levelled up with stripes, got new belts at the belt ceremony over the weekend – there were three or four people sporting shiny new belts today and it was plain to see that those people were determined to do their new level justice – the sparing portion of the class was conducted at a frenetic pace!

Friday 19:30 regular class held by Shibamoto sensei is proving to be one of the most popular classes of the week – if you are in town and passing by, feel free to drop in and watch the class!

English class – May 20th

May 21, 2010

We had another productive class yesterday – I am really happily surprised by the diligence of the guys who are studying – already more or less half a year has passed with classes running with the same amount of enthusiasm – keep it up!

Here is a run down of some of the language we learned : –


  1. “I’m only guessing, but___ “. Meaning: when we are not sure our advice is good = e.g. “I am only guessing, but I think you should take the Oedo line if you want to go to Ryogoku”.
  2. “Hand over”. Meaning: to give; to pass to someone. “I handed over the postcard to the clerk”.


  1. Scoot to move your butt whilst sitting. “Scoot back to make space”.
  2. Avoid to turn away from, ignore, don’t think about. “I am trying to avoid my boss”, “I am avoiding junk food”. “To improve other techniques I am avoiding using the triangle choke”.
  3. Alert to be very focused, clear. “You must be alert when driving.
  4. Mundane boring, not interesting. “Ibaraki is a mundane place….maybe”.
  5. Muggy to be hot and wet, moist. “Nagoya summers are more muggier than Tokyo ones.
  6. Funeral a service to remember someone who has died. “The funeral for my grandfather will be held tomorrow”.
  7. Bed-riddenwhen you can’t get out of bed. “After surgery on my knee I was bed ridden for two days”.
  8. Surgery to have an operation in hospital. “After breaking my arm I had surgery”.
  9. Maintenance to have a machine cared for. “With the points from my credit card I can get free maintenance from Toyota”.
  10. Mode type, option, style. “In Japan, the best mode of travel seems to be by train”.
  11. Worth value, how much is needed. “Sun san’s great performances at jiu jitsu are worth a purple belt”.

A vocabulary rich lesson! Please take some time to try and review the new language and use it in future lessons!


Catcher in the Octagon

May 19, 2010

I’m slowly making my way through (one of) Genki Sudo’s autobiographies, this one being called Catcher in the Octagon. He has a few books out there on the market dealing with what he’s known best for, e.g. MMA – but he also has some published books which deal with spirituality and life improvement – at least that’s what I understood when I was reading the blurbs in the book store!

I’ve made it about a fifth of the way through the book now and even though it is in Japanese, meaning I need my dictionary to understand practically every page, it is a fun read – It is easier to read than regular textbooks that I use to improve my Japanese, and it is fun to try to level up with Japanese I am actually interested in reading / studying! If you like MMA with a spiritual twist, give this book a read!