English class! May 14th

As usual most Thursday mornings, we get together at Triforce for an hour of English study.

Core members of the class include Hayakawa, Shibamoto and Yusuke Senseis, with Watanabe Sensei from Akiba making a guest appearance from time to time.

Class has been running for five months now and there has been some serious improvement! With Shibamoto sensei soon to go to the USA to compete in the World Championships, today’s class centred around asking for directions.

For the benefit of the students here is a review of some of the stuff we got through – please review!


  1. Leading to -> 1) A hip throw leading to an arm bar. 2) The Yurakucho line leading to the Rinkai line.
  2. Work loose -> Try to work loose the opponent’s grip on his belt as he is protecting your kimura attempt.
  3. Little confused -> 1) “Excuse me, I’m a little confused with how to get to Ueno….”. 2) “Sensei, I’m a little confused with how to do a triangle choke….”.


  1. Reduce -> “I am reducing the amount of beer I drink”.
  2. Decrease -> “Please decrease your driving speed”.
  3. Increase -> “Increase how much protein you eat if you want to build muscle”.
  4. Purpose -> “What is your purpose for coming to Japan”?
  5. Confused -> “I am confused by high level techniques

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