English class – May 27th

We missed Shimyo sensei today because he is sick – get well soon! Here are some of the notes from class which you can use to catch up – good luck!


  1. A looks a lot like B, but in fact…… Meaning: two things look similar, but if you look closely, you can find differences – “Noel’s Jiu Jitsu looks a lot like Dan’s Jiu Jitsu, but in fact Noel uses more combinations……”.
  2. X have / has _____ in common with____ Meaning: have a similar value, interest – “I have riding scooters in common with Shimyo sensei”.
  3. Quality time. Meaning: to spend time doing a worthwhile activity – “We spend quality time every Thursday in the competition class”.
  4. To combat. Meaning: to fight against, to fix, to protect, to stop – “you should wear a mask to combat hay fever (花粉症)
  5. Based in. Meaning: be in a place for work – “I live in Itabashi but I am based in Ikebukuro, where my academy is”.


  1. Hoist – “To do this sweep right, first you need to hoist your opponents leg towards his chest…..”.
  2. Describe – “Please describe your feeling about competing in America”.
  3. Addicted – “My father is addicted to cigarettes”.
  4. Distracted – I can’t concentrate well on class because I am distracted by thinking about the competition in America.
  5. Term – “Omoplata and Triangle choke are both Jiu Jitsu terms”.

Shibamoto sensei will miss next week’s class as he will leave for the USA to compete – good luck!


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