Itoikawa & Hori sans – bringing it!

A new addition to the training schedule from this year has been the 18:15, one hour regular class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays – the class is a stripped down version of the regular 90 minute class, and it’s proving to be popular with the guys who finish work around that time – after a day of work leaving me feeling tired, this class is a perfect training session – some technique, followed by some solid sparring – without  having to draw deep to make it through what would be 90 minutes!

Itoikawa and Horie sans trained today, along with Ken san who visited us from Triforce Aoyama – 久々! As you can see from the photo, these guys are seemingly ready to carry on and take it to the following class, 19:30 beginner class, which is what guys like Noel do, using the beginner class as a good chance to review some fundamental techniques as well as having a solid warm down – for me though this class was enough!


3 Responses to Itoikawa & Hori sans – bringing it!

  1. Hayakawa says:

    Dan, Horie is wrong. His name is Hori.


  2. 直しました。。。すいません!

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