Welcome, and welcome back!

June 29, 2010

The morning team welcome Masuda san to Triforce in a way only they know how

We welcomed Masuda san (getting choked by yours truly in the picture) to Triforce for the morning class Monday – this dude is a serious competitor! – Masuda san is a purple belt at the moment and usually trains at Paraestra (think Yuki Nakai) -he really went to town on us – he has really good technique coupled with power which resulted in him tapping me about after about 30 seconds šŸ˜¦ My only success was getting his back, which he reversed…..

Welcome back Matt after injury!

We also welcomed Matt back after an unfortunate shoulder injury – really glad to have you back ! Matt complained off feeling tired quickly in training, but considering the amount of time he had off, I could not see much of a difference – get back on the weights mate and you will soon be back to full strength!

I do also thoroughly recommend the On protein powder that we talked about….


Keeping it clean

June 26, 2010

The guys get together after class to vacuum up and wash down

Saturday 26th saw 9 or so guys meet for the 15:45 sparring class, which followed 30 minutes technique instruction from Shibamoto sensei.

A very sultry day saw lots of sweat (an a few tears) being shedded as training went on –Ā  point in case, I had to apologise to Shibamoto sensei as I tried to slip his guard – sweat was all over the place….!

Notice the guys here fighting over who will wipe down /disinfect the mat – queuing up to get their turn in!

English class! June 24th

June 25, 2010

Shibamoto san joined us again after a week off due to the world championships in The USA – I was glad to hear that he had some chances to speak English there!


I’m torn between – a difficult decision: ‘I am torn between going to either Hawaii or Okinawa for my summer holiday’s – both places are amazing’.

If you___ you have to___: If you start training JiuJitsu, you have to be dedicated and train at least twice a week.

What springs to mind about: your idea, your viewpoint: ‘tell me, what springs to mind about Triforce Shinjuku?

Scraped by: to just pass, no room, tight: ‘I feel that due to being unhealthy I am just scraping by in JiuJitsu class’.


Broad minded / Narrow minded: ‘My grandmother is quite narrow minded about certain things’.

Vertebra – a bone in the neck: ‘Damaging vertebra is very dangerous’.

Nutritious – healthy food, food which is good for you: ‘Mac is not nutritious so you should avoid it.

Koji Shibamoto – world champion

June 19, 2010

The morning team

Saturday 19th marked the day that Shibamoto sensei receivedĀ  his black belt from Hayakawa sensei – it capped a pretty good month for Shibamoto sensei, in that he also became world champion, winning gold at the recent world championships in California, USA – you can see a movie of his championship fight here

Shibamoto Sensei receiving his black belt from Hayakawa sensei

So many people turned up to congratulate Shibamoto sensei on a sensational win and a deserving promotion to black belt status – in his speech immediately after receiving his belt, Shibamoto sensei recapped his Jiu-jitsu history so far – began training in 2005 (only 5.5 years!) winning competitions, quitting work to focus on jiu jitsu full time, teaching and so on – his speech was quite inspiring and it definitely made me want to continue training into the future!

How many people turned up to firstly train and then stick around for the celebrations? Take a look at the locker room picture below to help you decide!

Needed to get here quick to secure a space - many people came to congratulate

Down time….

June 15, 2010

Triforce -closed 5th, 15th & 25th of the month

Triforce is closed today! Please use your time to enjoy the Tokyo sunshine instead – alternatively you could attend one of the branch academies at Aoyama, Gotanda or Akihabara – details and locations on the main academy page.

Slick moves

June 14, 2010

Killer triangle choke

Can you guess the owner of this slick Triangle choke? Answers on a postcard!

Today marks day #1 of the rainy season, and sure enough it rained hard….

Not sure if rain has a direct impact on attendance numbers at Triforce – but the number was decidedly low today at 5 people! Even so, it was a tough but rewarding 90 mins!

Keeping cool in the summer heat

June 7, 2010

It was a hot one yesterday….Summer time is all but here now, with frequent comments of ‘atsui!’ from random guys – myself included as we train.

Take care in the Tokyo heat and drink lots of water – I think I drunk double my usual fluid intake yesterday, buying a litre of energy drink as I walked home after class – not usual!

Here Hayawawa sensei shows us his preferred method for staying cool in the heat – looks delicious!