Sayonara Sun san

Sun san being choked by Miyamoto san

The 31st, Monday’s morning class was the last class to be have Sun san participating in – after six months or so with us in Tokyo, he will head back to Korea.

Sun san has a bit of a crazy few months coming up – after training with us he will go home for a few months to see his family, before heading out to Brazil to continue training – a pretty stellar plan!

Sun san has some natural jiu-jitsu and sparring with him was always tough – he was recently awarded his purple belt from Hayakawa sensei so I guess he can go to Brazil with confidence!

Morning class guys all a little cut up by Sun san's leaving

As you can see, some of the guys were a little cut up by Sun san’s leaving, with a few tears shed(!) – The very last bout of sparring for Sun san was a five minute session, with five fighters taking a minute each to round-robin (basically beat him up for five) him – a pretty violent but fun end to his last training session.

Sun san, please keep in touch and let us know how Brazil is for training – looking forward to having you back with us training in the future!



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