English class – June 2

Good morning! Here are some of the notes & key words from our weekly English class – good luck with your studying!


  • Knowing___like I do, probably____. “Knowing Kyoto like I do, it will probably be busy with tourists in the summer”.
  • Hot and cold. “I’m hot and cold with study, I can’t seem to keep my motivation.
  • However much you like. “You can eat however much you like at this restaurant, the price is all Y1,000”.
  • Stem from – “Hatoyama’s problems stem from not being able to keep his promises”.


  • Strategic – Okinawa is a strategic location for the American army.
  • Outlay – The outlay in moving to my new apartment was 500,000yen
  • Court – The court will decide on this problem
  • Superficial – The meeting was superficial, there was nothing decided in reality.
  • Empathize – I had a similar injury to him in the past, so I empathize with him now.
  • Shady – We are not sure where he got the money from, it seems shady.
  • Comfortable (describing wealth) – We are by no means rich, but we are comfortable.

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