Koji Shibamoto – world champion

The morning team

Saturday 19th marked the day that Shibamoto sensei received  his black belt from Hayakawa sensei – it capped a pretty good month for Shibamoto sensei, in that he also became world champion, winning gold at the recent world championships in California, USA – you can see a movie of his championship fight here

Shibamoto Sensei receiving his black belt from Hayakawa sensei

So many people turned up to congratulate Shibamoto sensei on a sensational win and a deserving promotion to black belt status – in his speech immediately after receiving his belt, Shibamoto sensei recapped his Jiu-jitsu history so far – began training in 2005 (only 5.5 years!) winning competitions, quitting work to focus on jiu jitsu full time, teaching and so on – his speech was quite inspiring and it definitely made me want to continue training into the future!

How many people turned up to firstly train and then stick around for the celebrations? Take a look at the locker room picture below to help you decide!

Needed to get here quick to secure a space - many people came to congratulate


2 Responses to Koji Shibamoto – world champion

  1. Mark says:

    Congrats to Shibamoto sensei. It was fun training with you guys back in January. His toreada pass was unstoppable!

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