English class! June 24th

Shibamoto san joined us again after a week off due to the world championships in The USA – I was glad to hear that he had some chances to speak English there!


I’m torn between – a difficult decision: ‘I am torn between going to either Hawaii or Okinawa for my summer holiday’s – both places are amazing’.

If you___ you have to___: If you start training JiuJitsu, you have to be dedicated and train at least twice a week.

What springs to mind about: your idea, your viewpoint: ‘tell me, what springs to mind about Triforce Shinjuku?

Scraped by: to just pass, no room, tight: ‘I feel that due to being unhealthy I am just scraping by in JiuJitsu class’.


Broad minded / Narrow minded: ‘My grandmother is quite narrow minded about certain things’.

Vertebra – a bone in the neck: ‘Damaging vertebra is very dangerous’.

Nutritious – healthy food, food which is good for you: ‘Mac is not nutritious so you should avoid it.


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