Sawada kun

July 30, 2010

Sawada kun's rear naked

Here is Sawada kun tying up a rear naked choke – this guy continues to improve – Not surprising considering he trained 22 times last month!


English class – July 28th

July 30, 2010


Bad press: to have a bad reputation – “Hatoyama san  had some bad press due to the Okinawa situation”.

Appetite: the feeling that I want to eat – “I don’t have a large appitite in the summer due to the heat”.

Constant: Something moves at the same pace- no change – “Sawada san’s training pace is fairly constant”.

Burn out: to do too much, too quickly, leading to low motivation / injury – “He burned out from working too much overtime”.

Passionate about: to have an emotional desire to do – “I am passionate about developing this academy”.

Drift apart: To gradually have space between you and something – “Over time he gradually drifted apart from jiu jitsu”.

Vein: blood carrying tube in body: “Blood is taken from the arm by a vein”.

Fainted: to lose consciousness – “After training hard in the summer heat he fainted”.

July 25, 2010

Tokyo = 34 degrees today!

July 20, 2010

Sunday regular class

Summer has definitely, unequivocally arrived! Tokyo’s outside temperature has been steadily rising over the past couple of days, reaching it’s peak today, 34 degrees – and sultry.

This type of weather can be fun if your training, but if you have got to commute to work in a suit it can be nothing short of a nightmare – I have abandoned the morning class in favour of the evening / weekend classes because there is nothing worse than getting into a suit after a hard training session- especially in this heat! Salarymen Japan wide know exactly what I am talking about……

Hit me up

July 15, 2010

Daiki, Myself and Vince

The blog got 97 hits yesterday alone – very happy desu! Looking forward to seeing you all at training.

English class! July 14th

July 14, 2010

Sorry for the delay in writing this post- I just recently got Hikari Fiber installed at my house after moving- rest assured posts will be (as close as possible) up to date in future. In other news, 80 people checked out the blog yesterday – many thanks!


My go to___: a thing, item that you are most comfortable with. “When sparring the triangle choke is my go to move”.

Watch out for___: to make sure you experience something, be careful. “When in Tokyo you should watch out for any festivals”.


Expressive – to give out lots of information, bright, including – “Tanning man is a very expressive fighter”.

Cagey –  too safe, to try and not make mistakes – “Japan were too cagey in their final world cup game”.

Apparently – it seems, perhaps – “Apparently Noel will train tomorrow”.

Durable – not easy to break  -“The iPhone is not very durable”.

Tenured – To have respect through experience – “Hans was a tenured instructor at Nova, having worked there for 5 years”.

Arcade – Video game room – “Lets go to the arcade on Saturday”.

Welcome Vince!

July 7, 2010

Noel, Vince & myself, cool and at ease

We welcomed Vince to Triforce on Tuesday – all the way from France – thanks for finding us and training hard in the regular class!

Vince told me that he has been training Jiu Jitsu for a year or so in France and has entered in a few competitions- he more than held his own in the sparring session and gave me and Noel a run for our money 🙂

Vince is here for two weeks in Japan training- I hope we get to train hard before you head back home!

Kids class - Shimyo sensei going hard