English class! July 14th

Sorry for the delay in writing this post- I just recently got Hikari Fiber installed at my house after moving- rest assured posts will be (as close as possible) up to date in future. In other news, 80 people checked out the blog yesterday – many thanks!


My go to___: a thing, item that you are most comfortable with. “When sparring the triangle choke is my go to move”.

Watch out for___: to make sure you experience something, be careful. “When in Tokyo you should watch out for any festivals”.


Expressive – to give out lots of information, bright, including – “Tanning man is a very expressive fighter”.

Cagey –  too safe, to try and not make mistakes – “Japan were too cagey in their final world cup game”.

Apparently – it seems, perhaps – “Apparently Noel will train tomorrow”.

Durable – not easy to break  -“The iPhone is not very durable”.

Tenured – To have respect through experience – “Hans was a tenured instructor at Nova, having worked there for 5 years”.

Arcade – Video game room – “Lets go to the arcade on Saturday”.


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