English class – July 28th


Bad press: to have a bad reputation – “Hatoyama san  had some bad press due to the Okinawa situation”.

Appetite: the feeling that I want to eat – “I don’t have a large appitite in the summer due to the heat”.

Constant: Something moves at the same pace- no change – “Sawada san’s training pace is fairly constant”.

Burn out: to do too much, too quickly, leading to low motivation / injury – “He burned out from working too much overtime”.

Passionate about: to have an emotional desire to do – “I am passionate about developing this academy”.

Drift apart: To gradually have space between you and something – “Over time he gradually drifted apart from jiu jitsu”.

Vein: blood carrying tube in body: “Blood is taken from the arm by a vein”.

Fainted: to lose consciousness – “After training hard in the summer heat he fainted”.


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