Predictability kills

August 28, 2010

Try doing this across your kitchen floor or something!

I had back to back classes with Itoikawa sensei recently, Thursday regular and Friday morning regular – two things which really stood out about this class = Itoikawa sensei really likes to ‘train’ – and by that, I mean he really likes to work the body – dead weight training, dragging, lifting – all this before technique and sparring- if anything the level of fitness he is at means he doesn’t really gas out, nor takes breaks when we are rolling – I guess there is something to his methods – he hardly loses either^^

土竜 / mole techniques - imaginatively named

I’ve known this for a while but recently it’s been hammered home- Predictability kills – I think you could ask anyone at Triforce what are my go to techniques and they could answer you pretty quickly – the successful guys are the guys who are always keeping you guessing- Itoikawa sensei is one of these fighters – for example, here he is demonstrating a sequence of sweeps which are nothing but useful – I really am trying to incorporate these into my game….


English class: Fri 20th

August 25, 2010

Here are the notes from the English lesson on the 20th – happy studying!


Chastise –  children who act badly need to be chastised.

Treat – I try to treat all students equally.

Dull – Due to the heat and lack of sleep I feel dull – I can’t think clearly.

Rear – I am trying to rear my child to be a good person.

Cause – The cause of my injury is overtraining, I think.

Stagnant – I don’t feel I am really improving, I feel stagnant at the moment.

Atrophy – I spent years doing nothing but eating and watching movies – my muscles definitely have atrophy.


‘Let me jump in here……’

‘I’m gonna jump in here…..’

‘My skills got better in tandem with the number of hours I spent at the gym’.

Shibamoto sensei style guard pass

August 19, 2010

Every Wednesday sees Hayakawa and Shibamoto senseis switching academies – it was good to roll with Shibamoto sensei again after a month or so away!

The guard passes that he taught us were super useful- as usual remembering them in sparring is the key! The Asian championships are just around the corner so we had lots of sparring in this class – an hour plus:) some of he guys are looking in good shape to do well…good luck!

Summer holidays :)

August 16, 2010

Born ready to rock Monday morning class

Morning classes are quite popular recently due to guys taking their summer holiday or paid holidays off from work- regularly attended by 5-6 guys has now become 8-10 plus – making for a tough training session.Today’s class was headed up by Itoikawa sensei – we learned some effective takedowns and some useful sweeps – all we have to do now is to try and remember them….

English class – last week’s notes!

August 15, 2010

Sorry for the delay with the notes, excuses excuses! Without further ado, here they are: –


“I can hang with people my own weight in sparring” – to be able to compete with, do similar as

“In the semi final my opponent ran over me” – to be convincingly beaten.

“Only if you push me, I guess Hans will win this fight” – a weak opinion, not sure, low possibility.

Without a doubt, if you live here for a long time you should learn Japanese!” – a strong opinion

“On the breadline” – to not have much money, low income


“Acclimatise” – to get used to a situation over time: “I’ve not yet acclimatised to Japanese summers”.

Friday morning class – tough training!

August 13, 2010

Working for a knee bar

Morning classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10:30 to midday. It is definitely true that as the week progresses classes (for the mornings anyway) get progressively harder!

Today being Friday meant that, true to form, some tough guys turned up to train- competition winners, brown belts (x2), you name it, whoever I had to sparr with gave me a hard time!

Today marked the third time in three classes that I left a new roll of tape behind after I moved- if anyone picks up my tape, please let me know!

Ikebukuro is closed on the 15th, so I’ll try to go to Shinjuku to visit Shibamoto sensei’s academy……

Regular class – Knee on the belly…in one step

August 4, 2010

Hayakawa sensei showing us an alternative route to knee on the belly

Regular class tonight was shortened by 15 minutes due to (I think) the extreme heat that we have been having recently- after class Hayakawa sensei asked a few of us what we thought of finishing 15 minutes early- of course, the young studs like Sawada san said that could (and did actually) go an extra 15-20 minutes – I however was pleased to be able to wind down and enjoy a cool shower! I wonder how long this new regimen will last for…..

The technique portion of the class was really useful for me, as I can usually get to the position in the pic above, but my choke is a little predictable now as it my default move for this position- Hayakawa sensei taught us here how to switch to knee on the belly whilst trapping the opponents arm- super effective, but I wonder if I can execute it in sparring?!

Aside, congratulations to Shibamoto sensei for heading up the first day at Triforce Shinjuku! You can check out his blog here 🙂