Beer = top training?!

Working with wrist manipulation

It’s the 1st August today. I think it is common in Japanese companies for the workers to get together and go for a beer or two on the last day of the month to celebrate a good month – it was the same for my company yesterday as we went for a beer or two. I wondered whether I would be able to train today, as a hangover and the summer heat would not lend itself well to a decent training session – I went anyway because I managed to get up, and I am glad I did – for some reason I had tonnes of energy and I was able to execute some of the moves I had been studying from the 101 Jiu Jitsu textbooks that I have…..which means, should I have a few beers before every training session??

I was reading Joe Rogan’s forward to Eddie Bravo‘s Jiu Jitsu manual, Mastering the Rubber Guard – those guys prefer to smoke weed before training as they feel it relaxes their mind, allowing them to flow from move to move better.

Whatever – I’m not sure about that but I will definitely make it a priority to train on the following day of a nomikai 🙂

Dream or reality?

Some of the guys have a tentative plan to go and watch The Karate Kid 2010 when it comes out here in Japan – I’m really looking forward to seeing that movie!  I went to the cinema to watch Inception on Thursday – after telling Shimyo sensei all about it he agreed to go with Itou sensei (above) to watch it – I’m looking forward to hearing what they thought about the movie.


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