Regular class – Knee on the belly…in one step

Hayakawa sensei showing us an alternative route to knee on the belly

Regular class tonight was shortened by 15 minutes due to (I think) the extreme heat that we have been having recently- after class Hayakawa sensei asked a few of us what we thought of finishing 15 minutes early- of course, the young studs like Sawada san said that could (and did actually) go an extra 15-20 minutes – I however was pleased to be able to wind down and enjoy a cool shower! I wonder how long this new regimen will last for…..

The technique portion of the class was really useful for me, as I can usually get to the position in the pic above, but my choke is a little predictable now as it my default move for this position- Hayakawa sensei taught us here how to switch to knee on the belly whilst trapping the opponents arm- super effective, but I wonder if I can execute it in sparring?!

Aside, congratulations to Shibamoto sensei for heading up the first day at Triforce Shinjuku! You can check out his blog here 🙂


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