English class: Fri 20th

Here are the notes from the English lesson on the 20th – happy studying!


Chastise –  children who act badly need to be chastised.

Treat – I try to treat all students equally.

Dull – Due to the heat and lack of sleep I feel dull – I can’t think clearly.

Rear – I am trying to rear my child to be a good person.

Cause – The cause of my injury is overtraining, I think.

Stagnant – I don’t feel I am really improving, I feel stagnant at the moment.

Atrophy – I spent years doing nothing but eating and watching movies – my muscles definitely have atrophy.


‘Let me jump in here……’

‘I’m gonna jump in here…..’

‘My skills got better in tandem with the number of hours I spent at the gym’.


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