Predictability kills

Try doing this across your kitchen floor or something!

I had back to back classes with Itoikawa sensei recently, Thursday regular and Friday morning regular – two things which really stood out about this class = Itoikawa sensei really likes to ‘train’ – and by that, I mean he really likes to work the body – dead weight training, dragging, lifting – all this before technique and sparring- if anything the level of fitness he is at means he doesn’t really gas out, nor takes breaks when we are rolling – I guess there is something to his methods – he hardly loses either^^

土竜 / mole techniques - imaginatively named

I’ve known this for a while but recently it’s been hammered home- Predictability kills – I think you could ask anyone at Triforce what are my go to techniques and they could answer you pretty quickly – the successful guys are the guys who are always keeping you guessing- Itoikawa sensei is one of these fighters – for example, here he is demonstrating a sequence of sweeps which are nothing but useful – I really am trying to incorporate these into my game….


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