Welcome from South Africa!

September 27, 2010

Another week, another visitor – or that’s the feeling at the academy recently – today we welcomed Ares (spelling?!) to the gym, all the way from sunny South Africa – Ares is sticking around Tokyo for a month or so through his work, and since finding us through the blog he will train until his departure.

Ares let me know that he has dabbled in various martial arts throughout his life – added to that a pretty rigorous job, and daily circuit training with kettle bells (24KG?!?! – I’m only using 16!) saw that regular class was zero problem – looking forward to training with you throughout this month!


Big rain!

September 23, 2010

Big rain from the Dojo window

We have had some crazy weather recently – it started to cool down last week, before spiking back up to 30 degrees two days ago – today sees another dip in temperature followed by some huge rain – reminds me a little of the UK to be honest 🙂

James arrived….eventually!

September 20, 2010

James working the Maki-spider against Ueyama san

We were finally able to welcome James to Triforce this Sunday. James was a day or so late to Japan due to troubles with his flight – an enforced lay over in Istanbul wouldn’t have done anybody no favors!

James will be in town for seven days or so, and is aiming to train every day he’s here – good luck with the guys down in Shinjuku today, and also, good luck Gi hunting!

Team photo after class

Welcome Faizel…and congrats!

September 16, 2010

…on being the first student at Triforce who comes from Yemen – thanks for also giving it your all and trying your best in the regular class – pretty daunting considering it was lesson #1 or so.

Faizel will be in town for a month or so with us training and also catching up with his friends who live here …

Here is Yusuke sensei and Faizel – notice how Yusuke sensei never misses a chance to practise his English! Good work helping Faizel to settle in!

Tomorrow James from the UK will arrive in Japan and will train with Triforce for a couple of weeks / a month – looking forward to having another Brit!

Asian open 2010

September 13, 2010

Congratulations to all the participants who competed at the Asian Open this weekend – I had the pleasure of reading various Twitter updates whilst I was at work – once again congrats all! Pictures to follow once I am able to steal them from somewhere 🙂

Future champ!

September 7, 2010

Yusuke sensei trying to get the best out of the kids' class

I’m not sure who is looking more apprehensive in this picture!

4 Brits

September 2, 2010

Daniel and the rest of the chaps from the UK with Hayakawa sensei and myself

We welcomed Daniel and his crew to Triforce tonight for training – Daniel & Hayakawa sensei had met a few years back and now they met up again to firstly shoot an interview with Hayakawa sensei (let us know if it’s to be televised!) before doing some training.

Today was the first time in my four years of training in Japan that there have been four Brits on the mat – The UK to become a hot bed of BJJ in the near future?

Hope to roll some more with you all before you head back – good luck with the rest of your shooting 🙂