4 Brits

Daniel and the rest of the chaps from the UK with Hayakawa sensei and myself

We welcomed Daniel and his crew to Triforce tonight for training – Daniel & Hayakawa sensei had met a few years back and now they met up again to firstly shoot an interview with Hayakawa sensei (let us know if it’s to be televised!) before doing some training.

Today was the first time in my four years of training in Japan that there have been four Brits on the mat – The UK to become a hot bed of BJJ in the near future?

Hope to roll some more with you all before you head back – good luck with the rest of your shooting 🙂


4 Responses to 4 Brits

  1. jamesnardone says:


    I will be there in 2 weeks, cant wait to hit the mats!


  2. supercrap says:

    Hey dude,
    Just to let you know in the order of the picture:
    Matt (Brit)
    Dean (American)
    Dan (Australian)

    I’m Matt, and it was me who met Hayakawa-san a few times and organised the meeting this time!

    I will be back next year and always love visiting Tri Force for training and catching up.


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