Tokyo Int’l 2010

November 29, 2010

Triforce Aoyama, Gotanda, Ikebukuro honbu & Akiba represent!

The competition is over and in the bag – We spent 9 hours at the Komazawa Olympic park, cheering on the competitiors (thanks to all who came and supported!!) and also giving a good account of ourselves in the fights – for a break down of all the results and comments, click here.


Morning class – Friday 26th

November 26, 2010

Another awesome class Friday morning – Miyamoto sensei headed up the class, and he took the opportunity to show us some rescue sweeps just as your opponent is about to pass your half guard – difficult for me because a) my half guard is terrible and b) long legs = a less than tight half guard!

We had a good hours sparring, which was our last heading into the Tokyo international compeition, which is held this Sunday, 28th – I’m entering and as usual, nerves are rampant!

Thanks to Itoigawa sensei who spent some time with me showing a simple but super effective takedown – I hope I get the chance to use it!

Nice pass!

November 19, 2010

Training has been pretty hard core recently, what with the Tokyo International tournament coming up on Sunday 28th – I for one trained late last night, and also early morning today, making for some sore limbs after class! Technique focused on some fundamentals which I really needed to go over again – both yesterday night and today, we worked on full guard and how to pass the full guard – a lot of guys in competition like to pull guard quickly and then work for sweeps / submissions, so having a good passing game can really be a benefit – for me, it just makes me confused about which to go for!

I’m kind of looking forward to this competition – the number of participants is about 400, so there should be a great atmosphere – I will compete in the middleweight blue category, however due to there being no opponent for my age category, I have decided to compete in the next category up, which is 88kg and under – lots of extra portions for me up until fight day!

Referee: a dangerous job!

November 17, 2010

I found this video of a recent cage fight here in Japan – the referee got a little more than he bargained for as he stepped in to stop the fight – check it out!

More chokes

November 9, 2010

Hayakawa sensei choking Ueyama san

A large number of guys turned up to train yesterday, of which 90% were blue belts. A great class with some effective back grabs to rear naked techniques – this followed by 45 minutes or so of sparring. Bring on the same tomorrow!


A select few

November 5, 2010

Tuesdays and Thursdays have two regular classes running – the stripped down version beginning at 18:15 and lasting for one hour, and its longer 90 minute cousin, which begins at 21:00 – sandwiched between them is the beginner class, which starts at 19:30.

The 18:15 class is usually quite busy, so imagine my surprise when class begun with 3 participants, plus Hayakawa sensei. This however made for a really informal lesson where Hayakawa sensei could give us more information on the techniques he was showing us.

Techniques focused on recovering the guard position – definitely something taller guys like me need to work on! After running through 2 or 3 techniques we finished off with 30 minutes of sparring- quite tiring when there is only 3 participants…..!

De La Riva

November 1, 2010

Iga sensei showing us the De La Riva

November 1st – cooler weather means easier training! I don’t mind training before work (having to wear a suit) if it’s not too hot – Today was a comfortable 15 degrees, so easy to practice.

Today’s techniques focused on the De La Riva guard / sweeps – pretty useful if you have longer legs! I’ll make sure to think about these in future sparring sessions.