Nice pass!

Training has been pretty hard core recently, what with the Tokyo International tournament coming up on Sunday 28th – I for one trained late last night, and also early morning today, making for some sore limbs after class! Technique focused on some fundamentals which I really needed to go over again – both yesterday night and today, we worked on full guard and how to pass the full guard – a lot of guys in competition like to pull guard quickly and then work for sweeps / submissions, so having a good passing game can really be a benefit – for me, it just makes me confused about which to go for!

I’m kind of looking forward to this competition – the number of participants is about 400, so there should be a great atmosphere – I will compete in the middleweight blue category, however due to there being no opponent for my age category, I have decided to compete in the next category up, which is 88kg and under – lots of extra portions for me up until fight day!


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