Shimyo sensei takes class!

Shimyo sensei demonstrating a useful arm lock

Morning class today was headed up by Shimyo sensei, because Hayakawa sensei is away in Korea meeting with Oh-Tae and Sun sans (hoping those boys come back soon!)

Even though the weather was decidedly terrible, 8 or so guys braved the elements and came down to train – Sawada kun and myself will enter the Tri-Force challenge this Sunday so I for one was happy for the turn out- it allowed us to get some good sparring in!

I’m was excited to see the 2011 Triforce kimono design – made by Alma, it looks a really cool piece of kit -I ordered mine in black and I’m looking forward to using it – maybe I’ll keep it just for competitions though, not sure yet …..


The new Alma kimono - got yours yet??

Talking of competitions, I got warned in the Tokyo international about the length of my kimono pants – the adjudicator thought they were a little short, but as I’m tall, he gave me a pass – can’t believe they have shrunk so much – I’ve gone for the A4 with the Alma – hopefully over time it will shrink to fit me perfectly 🙂


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