Triforce Challenge

Team Ikebukuro

Great work to all the fighters at the Triforce Challenge! Ikebukuro fighters gave a good account of themselves, with some excellent performances – we even managed to bag the MVP award. This inter team competition is an excellent way to gear up for bigger competitions – I definitely think that some of the guys are ready to enter competitions now and they can have confidence doing so. You can find movies of all the fights here, courtesy of Roger Ver over in Aoyama – cheers Roger!

Nomura san (right)


2 Responses to Triforce Challenge

  1. Joakim says:

    Great blog, very interesting read!

    • hey Joakim,
      Thanks for your comment – we are all looking forward to you coming and training here at Triforce! We get a lot of short stay visitors who come over and train, people of all levels – I’m sure you will find classes worthwhile.

      Your right, both academies are open from Jan 4th, Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. I’ll send you an email shortly about fees and what not.
      Take care and have a nice Christmas!~
      twitter: @dan_tinsley

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