Heading to the first comp of 2011

The chaps chilling after training - some more than others....

It’s been a while since I posted on here – well, not quite, only 9 days or so – that’s not to say that I haven’t been training though – tomorrow is the 12th of January, with today being session #6 of 2011 – not a bad pace to say the least! Very happy to welcome Jun san from Triforce Akiba – please come back soon!

Miguel (left) & Hayakawa sensei

Hayakawa sensei focused on Triangle choke escapes today (great, giving guys advice on how to escape the one and only move I can do well 🙂 !) Seriously though, it was really good instruction – as usual, just have to be calm and remember the same when it counts…..

Shinsaka san (bottom) fighting Takeda san

The first two competitions of the year are coming up fast, both Rookie tournaments on the 23rd January and 5th February – for better or worse, I’ll enter both before jetting back to the UK on the 7th to spend some time with my folks – might even see if I can get a competition in over there too 🙂


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