Scottish open

How close are the spectators!

Well, the Scottish open is over, and I had a great time – unfortunately I lost my fight, but it was still a valuable experience. The event was totally different to those held in Japan! As the fighters assembled together at about 9:30am, we were told via mic by the event organizer that, “only white, black and blue gis are allowed – we will follow IBJJF rules”. Even so, that was about it! There was no gi check at all and gis that would definitely be flagged in any Japanese event were allowed in the Scottish – think very short gi pants, and super tight gi arms, gi patches everywhere.

There were no fight numbers, with the organisers calling belt / rank names out and asking them to weigh in – after that, your name was called and you were then expected to run on to the mat and get it on! Very ‘seat-of-your-pants’, but no less fun! The best thing though was receiving winning medals – after wining the final, the guy at the front desk just plopped it over your head! No waiting around there 🙂

I’m heading back to Japan on the 25th, and looking forward to getting back into training at least 3 times a week – I haven’t training in over a month now, and I am definitely missing it!


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