Big 22!

April 24, 2011

22 people turned up to train in the beginner class today, beginning at 11:30. Even though it was the beginner class, there was a number of purple and brown belts which gave the white belts an excellent chance for some decent sparring – had to wait a big for mat space though!


Adidas cup: congrats!

April 18, 2011

The Adidas cup is over and it was a pretty good event: the black belt fights especially were fun to watch- saw some pretty good technique there! Congrats to all the Triforce guys for competing, and to all that medaled, including Sawada kun, who picked up his first gold (I believe!)

Back to training now and full steam ahead for the Tokyo open in may.

Adidas cup: live!

April 17, 2011

And were off! A pretty good turn out for the Adidas open: Sawada kun and Shio San will fight soon

With this competition being sponsored by Adidas, there’s maybe a chance to pick up some decent gear 🙂


Quick turn around

April 13, 2011

After a night of sleep we’re back at it at the morning class: I did a lot better than yesterday- didn’t gas and had a great training session- bring on the 17th!

Itoigawa sensei’s regular class

April 12, 2011

With only four days to go until the Adidas Brazilian jiu Jitsu competition, I’m feeling a little apprehensive because I haven’t been training too much recently due to having a killer cough/ cold/ general shi**ness!
Class today got us on the right track, with Itoigawa sensei teaching us some tasty takedowns before a half hour or so of sparring

Class was a little tough- I’m well of pace and to be honest I gassed after the first round of sparring! Not to worry though, will train tomorrow at 10am: must be better than today!


X guards & what not

April 6, 2011

It’s 20 degrees today and I certainly felt it after training throughout the winter – the sweat was soon flowing and I’m sad to say that I lost all my energy after an hour or so, sitting out the last round of sparring 😦

I’m competing both this month and next month, so need to train regularly- today’s class saw Hayakawa sensei teaching us some excellent sweeps, including this one here.

Hard training!!

April 5, 2011

Fukuda San goes that extra mile after class- thanks for holding that pose just a little longer for me to get the shot in!

The morning classes have had a really good feel to them recently- lots of sparring and a chance to get ready for the next competition – which is just around the corner on the 17th of this month!