Grading party #BJJ

August 29, 2011

Congratulations to all the guys who received new belts this past Saturday – they were all thoroughly deserved! Also thanks to the students who turned up on Saturday for the open matt, grading ceremony and the party which ran until 10pm 🙂 Wonder how many people made it for training Sunday morning?!

Congratulations! A special mention for Saori san who came back from a pretty bad knee injury to win big at a competition recently – she was awarded her purple belt from Hayakawa sensei – congratulations 🙂

The beginning of the day was spent with sparring (no class, just open matt) a lot of people turned up which let to a traffic jam of sorts as people queued up to take turns rolling.

Roll, wait, roll, wait.... Me, sunburnt head and all messing up the Maki-spider As usual, people took to the sparring hard core, with some heavy duty battles going on – there were still plenty of time for jokes and the odd  shenanigan or two….

With the day over we got down to some drinking, which did me no favors as I was in work for 9am the following day – thank you all for being so considerate in passing me a seemingly endless stream of lager. Next up for some of us is the Copa Alma 3 tournament which will be held on 9/11 in Nerima – it’s 4 months since I competed due to injury, so needless to say I am full of nerves when I think about it, even at this early stage!


Jardi – the most avid of readers! #BJJ

August 18, 2011

Jardi working the Kindle

Pretty chuffed with the numbers that turned up despite Obon – 7 or 8 guys turned up and trained the 9pm Regular class – here’s Jardi looking nice and relaxed with her Kindle before class!

Holidays….. #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Obon #Japan

August 13, 2011

I thought the numbers for class yesterday might have been a little lower than usual, due to the Obon festival which is will kick off sometime this month – this festival sees Tokyo residents flying the nest, back to their hometowns to spend quality time with their family, wherever that might be in Japan.

Hayakawa sensei sparring with Horie san

Truth be told though, we still had 8 or 10 people turn up which contributed to a good session – these numbers helped in no small part by the foreign guys who turned up (4 of us) – a little difficult for us to head back to our hometowns!

Cameron sparring with Takeda san

I wonder how many people will turn up for Saturday’s classes? As I was heading home tonight, Ikebukuro station was jammed with suitcase carrying salarymen, students and the odd foreigner, all seemingly heading out of Tokyo – As far as Saturday’s class is concerned, I’m hoping for the same numbers for Saturday!

Thanks, Watanabe sensei! #BJJ #Shinya Aoki #Watanabe Naoyoshi

August 3, 2011

A lot of people were stoked to have Watanabe sensei come to Ikebukuro to train with us today. he usually heads up the Akihabara studio, but as he had some business with Hayakawa sensei he decided to come and train with us – lucky or what! You can watch  a cool vid of Watanabe sensei going at it with Shinya Aoki here

Watanabe sensei (L) Hayakawa sensei (R)

The class was pretty tough today with a lot of higher level belts going hard at it due to the competition this month – glad that nobody picked up any serious injuries and that a good session was had by all.

Hayakawa sensei teaching technique

The weather is a little cooler recently despite it being August – perhaps there is a typhoon coming – whatever, whilst it’s comfortable there’s nothing to do but train!