Thanks, Watanabe sensei! #BJJ #Shinya Aoki #Watanabe Naoyoshi

A lot of people were stoked to have Watanabe sensei come to Ikebukuro to train with us today. he usually heads up the Akihabara studio, but as he had some business with Hayakawa sensei he decided to come and train with us – lucky or what! You can watch  a cool vid of Watanabe sensei going at it with Shinya Aoki here

Watanabe sensei (L) Hayakawa sensei (R)

The class was pretty tough today with a lot of higher level belts going hard at it due to the competition this month – glad that nobody picked up any serious injuries and that a good session was had by all.

Hayakawa sensei teaching technique

The weather is a little cooler recently despite it being August – perhaps there is a typhoon coming – whatever, whilst it’s comfortable there’s nothing to do but train!


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