Grading party #BJJ

Congratulations to all the guys who received new belts this past Saturday – they were all thoroughly deserved! Also thanks to the students who turned up on Saturday for the open matt, grading ceremony and the party which ran until 10pm 🙂 Wonder how many people made it for training Sunday morning?!

Congratulations! A special mention for Saori san who came back from a pretty bad knee injury to win big at a competition recently – she was awarded her purple belt from Hayakawa sensei – congratulations 🙂

The beginning of the day was spent with sparring (no class, just open matt) a lot of people turned up which let to a traffic jam of sorts as people queued up to take turns rolling.

Roll, wait, roll, wait.... Me, sunburnt head and all messing up the Maki-spider As usual, people took to the sparring hard core, with some heavy duty battles going on – there were still plenty of time for jokes and the odd  shenanigan or two….

With the day over we got down to some drinking, which did me no favors as I was in work for 9am the following day – thank you all for being so considerate in passing me a seemingly endless stream of lager. Next up for some of us is the Copa Alma 3 tournament which will be held on 9/11 in Nerima – it’s 4 months since I competed due to injury, so needless to say I am full of nerves when I think about it, even at this early stage!


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