2 more Brits! #BJJ

September 30, 2011

We were very happy to welcome Luke and Stacey to Triforce today- both are from the UK- represent! From what Luke was saying, it seems that both will ‘do a Cameron’ and train daily – wonder if Cam’s record of 45 logins + will be bettered?!

One day and counting until the Tokyo International, meaning today was my last training session – looking forward to recharging my batteries over Saturday and then delivering the goods come Sunday- ganbaroo!


No gi #BJJ

September 24, 2011

I’m writing this as I’m watching Miguel sensei’s no gi class- 14 guys are participating in this class- I didn’t realise it had gotten so popular! Being severely allergic to no gi myself (I need to grab onto something- anything in order to get a technique off) I was super impressed by a) the level of interest and b) how accomplished some of the guys looked when practicing – I might give it a go later on in the year!

Today’s a holiday – Open mat #BJJ #Triforce

September 23, 2011

Big numbers in for today's open mat

Today’s a public holiday in Japan – meaning no work and free time – I had it in my mind that only one or two people would be turning up for this free sparring session – it was only decided on a few days ago – however, no doubt by the wonder of Twitter the word got out in time – something like 15 guys turned up and sparred hard. Looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the day now after putting in the hard work this morning.

Welcome, Jack! #BJJ #CopaAlma3 #JiuJitsu

September 12, 2011

We welcomed Jack to Triforce today – he has been training BJJ in Beijing, and also trains Aikido here whilst in Tokyo – likes to keep himself busy, evidently! Looking forward to rolling with another six footer!

Jack - second from left Also big congratulations to Ryosei who came second in the absolute blue belt adult division at the Copa Alma yesterday – I was there to watch and was blown away by his performance – very nice progression to the final indeed! Also nice work piling up the points which allowed Team Triforce to win the team tournament, which I think resulted in a set of kettlebells coming our way – nice job sir!

Morning regular class – been a while! #BJJ #JiuJitsu

September 7, 2011

The weather’s cooling down and there isn’t so much moisture in the air which makes for a really pleasant Tokyo – In fact, this period of the year is my favorite – the weather is bright with the sun shining – minus the oppressive heat and humidity – with this in mind, I thought it would be a good thing to head to regular morning class for a training session.

Miyamoto sensei taking the lads through the finer points of this choke

8 guys turned up for class which made for a good session, with decent sparring at the end of class. Technique focused on pass guards and also an innovative choke from knee on the belly which I have not seen before – if only I could remember it come game time! ¬†With the Copa Alma only 4 days away I think I’ll train one more time tomorrow then give it a rest until the big day Sunday – totally no confidence since coming back from injury but I’m looking forward to having a go!

Miguel sensei heads up Thurs. regular #BJJ #Typhoon

September 2, 2011

Miguel sensei demonstrating a pass

With a typhoon due to touch down in Tokyo in the coming hours, I wondered how many people would brave the mean (and quite windy) streets of Ikebukuro to come to the regular class tonight. I feared the worst when I arrived with 10 minutes or so to spare to see that Cameron was absent, with nobody warming up on the mat – perhaps a man to man class was in the offing??

Needless to say, with minutes to spare 8 or so guys piled in and trained, which made for a worthwhile class – Miguel sensei headed up class and gave us some really useful pass-guard techniques which I really need to assimilate into my game (if only it was that easy!)

Hoping that people will turn up tomorrow – and that the Typhoon skips by with little or no drama!