Miguel sensei heads up Thurs. regular #BJJ #Typhoon

Miguel sensei demonstrating a pass

With a typhoon due to touch down in Tokyo in the coming hours, I wondered how many people would brave the mean (and quite windy) streets of Ikebukuro to come to the regular class tonight. I feared the worst when I arrived with 10 minutes or so to spare to see that Cameron was absent, with nobody warming up on the mat – perhaps a man to man class was in the offing??

Needless to say, with minutes to spare 8 or so guys piled in and trained, which made for a worthwhile class – Miguel sensei headed up class and gave us some really useful pass-guard techniques which I really need to assimilate into my game (if only it was that easy!)

Hoping that people will turn up tomorrow – and that the Typhoon skips by with little or no drama!


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