International Triforce! #BJJ #Grappling #Triforce BJJ

October 28, 2011

Not used to seeing that blonde a head rolling!

I rocked up to Triforce yesterday morning to find a very eclectic band warming up for class – Japanese guys were joined by Americans and also a chap from Denmark – with me being British, it made for a very international feel indeed 😉

Charles - front left

Charles from the States rocked up and sparred with us – he was literally blowing through town whilst moving on with his travels, after coming up from Kyoto over the last few days – he wasn’t too confident about being able to train other than today – I hope however he finds it possible to come back and roll with us a little more before flying back to the States!


Congratulations, Koichi & Satoko san!

October 23, 2011

The wedding of Nomura, A.K.A Tanning Man was held today in Minami Aoyama. I was lucky enough to receive an invite and was happy to go and celebrate with some of the other Triforce guys. A beautiful time was had by all!

Nomura san and his new wife, Satoko

After the ceremony and dinner were finished we were treated to a jiujitsu demonstration from Nomura san and Shimyo sensei – this was actually a pretty good idea as a good number of the guests were pretty clueless as to just what BJJ is – the MC for the day actually gave a small explanation to the attendees during dinner in order to help people understand just what BJJ is all about 😉

Nomura san & Shimyo sensei

Nomura san and Satoko will head off on their honeymoon in Hawaii – I’m wondering how many KGs heavier Tanning man will come back as?

Welcome, Tim! #BJJ #Triforce #Grappling

October 18, 2011

Tim after Monday's morning regular class

We welcomed Tim to Triforce on Monday. Tim will stay in Tokyo for 3 months so to train with us. Prior to coming to Japan, he spent some time in Brazil training over there too, so expect him to bring some game! With Luke and Stacey joining recently too, the foreigner number in Triforce Ikebukuro continues to rise – I wonder who will be joining next….?















Cameron V Miguel sensei #BJJ #ChallengeMatch #Grappling

October 13, 2011

Cameron & Miguel sensei going at it - Hayakawa sensei officiating

We were treated to a Jiu Jitsu treat at the end of regular class on Tuesday night – after training Hayakawa sensei asked (told?!) Cameron and Miguel sensei to have a challenge match. Having such a fight at the end of class is tough enough with the added stress of people watching – but after a full 80 minutes of training / sparring, it’s doubly so!

The fight that Cam and Miguel sensei put on was a cracker, with Miguel sensei pipping Cam by one point – I’m not sure what the final score was, but it was something like 8-7 or 7-6 – needless to say, points were being scored all over the place, which made for an enjoyable time for the guys watching from the sides 🙂

Tokyo International 2011: job well done! #BJJ #JiuJitsu

October 2, 2011

The Tokyo International is over, and all in all it was a good competition – congrats to all the fighters who managed to pick up medals / wins – also, big thanks to the people who gave up time on their Sunday to work as staff and referees – not an easy job any day of the week!

Congrats to Nakayama sensei for picking up black belt gold!

Further congrats to Ryosei for continuing his medal haul with this competition – he picked up the bronze medal in the Adult Blue belt open weight category – how many medals is that now??

Ryosei - furthest right



The master blue belt open weight category was a largely Triforce affair, with myself, Shiratsuki and Jason from Aoyama all managing to get about the medals 😉

 I’m hoping to enter into one or two more competitions before the end of the year – hope to leave 2011 on a high after losing the summer through injury – Ganbarimasu!

Shiratsuki san, myself, Jason

Tokyo #BJJ open: live!

October 2, 2011

Today is the second day of the Tokyo International- I got here a little early to check out some of the fights – I should be on about 2:30pm… Good luck to everyone!