Tokyo International 2011: job well done! #BJJ #JiuJitsu

The Tokyo International is over, and all in all it was a good competition – congrats to all the fighters who managed to pick up medals / wins – also, big thanks to the people who gave up time on their Sunday to work as staff and referees – not an easy job any day of the week!

Congrats to Nakayama sensei for picking up black belt gold!

Further congrats to Ryosei for continuing his medal haul with this competition – he picked up the bronze medal in the Adult Blue belt open weight category – how many medals is that now??

Ryosei - furthest right



The master blue belt open weight category was a largely Triforce affair, with myself, Shiratsuki and Jason from Aoyama all managing to get about the medals 😉

 I’m hoping to enter into one or two more competitions before the end of the year – hope to leave 2011 on a high after losing the summer through injury – Ganbarimasu!

Shiratsuki san, myself, Jason


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