Shibamoto sensei at 池袋 #BJJ #Triforce

November 9, 2011

Shinjuku’s head instructor came to Ikebukuro this morning to hold regular class- thank you Shibamoto sensei!

Shibamoto sensei’s class focused on half guard escapes- 3 techniques that will be super useful – as long as I can remember them!


A flying visit! #BJJ #Triforce

November 7, 2011

We welcomed Damon to Triforce today (today only? I’m not sure if he trained last night). Damon is flying back home today, and needed to get on the train for Narita at 13:00- I hope he made it with no problems! As Hayakawa sensei said, if you get the chance, please come back soon!

It was also very cool to see Masashi back in Japan after working in the States for the past few months – I was blown away by the huge step up in English ability, after only 2 months! Looking forward to rolling with him lots before he heads back to the US.

Welome, Hoki from Indonesia! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo

November 4, 2011

We were very happy to welcome Hoki to Triforce – Hoki and his wife are stopping in Tokyo for an extremely short visit – Jiujitsu today, Disney land tomorrow and then home early next week!

If you get the chance, please come back to Tokyo and train with us some more 😉

Hoki with Hayakawa sensei after class

Big numbers! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Grappling

November 2, 2011

20 people? 22? Space at a premium tonight

Guys from Akihabara dojo made the trip to Ikebukuro tonight for training – this really pushed the numbers up, as well as the skill level – looking forward to some good sparring sessions from now on in 🙂