12/31 @ Shinjuku #Triforce #BJJ #Jiujitsu#fb

December 31, 2011

Thank you Shibamoto sensei for holding a sparring session at Shinjuku Triforce today – despite my hangover lasting into a second day, I managed to get to the gym on time and have five or six fights – not bad considering! The rest of the chaps also saw it as a good opportunity to train – there must have been something close to 20 guys all taking it in turn to spar.

Tried to keep it to six pairs at any one time....

And with that, 2011 Jiujitsu training is over – there were lots of ups and a few downs! The beginning of the year was all systems go with some competition success and keeping up with training – things took a turn for the worse from May with a neck injury, taking a few months to heal before coming back strong from September / October ish. /Looking forward to to a solid year in 2012! yoyotoshio!


To the very end! #BJJ #Triforce

December 27, 2011

Yesterday’s morning regular class was headed up by Shinjuku Triforce’s Shinamoto sensei -always good to train with him!

We’re lucky at Triforce – we’ll have the opportunity to train every day, right up to the 31st with open mat sessions (potentially 1st, 2nd too?? Onegai!) so I’m looking to make good use of my time off at the gym. I read some other blogs saying that the gym they go to will close up for the holidays – you know what you need to do if….!

Welcome Lasse & Congrats Sakamoto san! #BJJ #Jiujitsu #Tokyo #Grappling

December 16, 2011

Another 90 minute morning session in the books!

Congratulations to Sakamoto san who received his blue belt from Hayakawa sensei today – he’s been training a lot and definitely deserves to be moved up to the next level – enjoy breaking in your new belt!

Hayakawa sensei with Sakamoto san - congrats!

The foreign invasion has continued over the last couple of days – we recently welcomed Lasse to Triforce (I hope I spelled your name right!) Actually today was his last day training with us as Lasse will head up to Hokkaido for the snowboarding season – it seems like ¬†foreigners like putting jiujitsu on the back burner in favor of the big snow up north come wintertime – count me out of that: tall guys can’t ski!

Lasse with Hayakawa sensei

Welcome, Luza! #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce

December 1, 2011

Today was my first day back after seven days on the sidelines with sa shoulder strain. As it was close to the same area where I had my neck injury, I thought that rest and a trip to the doctors was in order- I’m really glad that it was nothing serious, but such a bummer that I had to drop out of the competition on the weekend (congrats to all those who competed by the way)!

Ryosei giving Luza a traditional TF welcome

Cam and Jardi have since gone up to the snow for the winter to practice their snowboarding (good luck to them!) – Cam will come back and train with us in March, which is great news – in the meantime, the foreigner ranks have a new recruit – Luza from California dropped by TF tonight to take a trial lesson – hoping to see more of him in the weeks and months to come!