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January 30, 2012

Winners row

Congrats to all the guys who entered the Freshmans tournament over the weekend – it was quite a low key affair with not so many participants, but the level was good and there were lots of decent fights. Triforce guys were pretty well represented with a few guys picking up some medals.

Medal haul!

Saito san had an excellent tournament, medalling in both the gi and no-gi tournaments – I believe as well that his first fight was fight number 1 of the day, with the last fight (53??) being the last – he certainly put a decent day’s work in there!

Suzuki san - shuns the fame!

Big congrats also to Ikebukuro morning class’ Suzuki san. In his first competition in over two years he entered both the master absolute and his weight division and medalled with some decent wins by heel hook – watch out for it in class!


Suits you! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo .#fb

January 18, 2012

Fujita San picked up his new purple belt, embossed with his name in gold – a very nice colour scheme indeed! Congratulations and enjoy breaking it in 🙂 Thanks also Shibamoto sensei for an excellent class this morning!

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January 17, 2012

Unfortunately, Jack broke his wrist snowboarding in Beijing over the new year: spending the 1st holed up in a Chinese hospital did not sound like my idea of fun at all!

I’ve met at least five people since living in Japan who have broken bones snowboarding – sliding down a big icy mountain is asking for trouble- your much better off staying warm and training some jiujitsu thought the winter!

Heal quickly Jack!!

Time running out… #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu#fb

January 16, 2012

Today's morning regular class

Both Tim and Tony only have a few more days with us until they go back to their respective countries. Tim will first head back to the US before deciding on whether to move on back to the land down under, and I believe Tony will head back to Taiwan – the foreigner numbers take a hit again! If you’re foreign (or even if you’re not) and you think you’d like to begin training Jiu Jitsu with us, please come and take a (free) trial lesson – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it – and you’ll be helping keep the foreigner numbers alive!

Rules are rules… #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #JiuJitsu

January 13, 2012

I think due to the number of members Triforce has, it has been decided that receiving stripes will be dependant mostly on the number of times you have trained. At Ikebukuro we have an electronic sign in system where we just need to swipe a card before going in and getting changed – this data is accumulated over the weeks and months, and allows the management to know exactly who is training where and when. Case in point, I trained precisely 99 times last year at Ikebukuro (pretty hasppy with that number considering everything that happened last year) … So with that, I was happy to receive another stripe on my belt from Hayakawa sensei yesterday. I believe this rule does not apply to getting a belt promotion, so I’ll need to keep training hard if I’m to be lucky enough to get my purple.

Receiving my 4th stripe from Hayakawa sensei

I’ve been off for the last two days so was able to get some decent training in, both last night and this morning. I was surprised that I could move more or less OK considering the beating I took yesterday – hope this will serve me in good stead as I make my way to the first competition of the year which will be held on the last Saturday of the month – Ganbaru!

The chaps after a monster sparring session this morning


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January 8, 2012

I headed down to Shinjuku yesterday to participate in the sparring class. Starting at noon, this class is more manageable and fits into my day better. Also with an eye on upcoming competitions, it’s a good idea to spar with people I don’t really know- or so they tell me!