Freshmans tourney – Jan 28th #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Grappling .#fb

Winners row

Congrats to all the guys who entered the Freshmans tournament over the weekend – it was quite a low key affair with not so many participants, but the level was good and there were lots of decent fights. Triforce guys were pretty well represented with a few guys picking up some medals.

Medal haul!

Saito san had an excellent tournament, medalling in both the gi and no-gi tournaments – I believe as well that his first fight was fight number 1 of the day, with the last fight (53??) being the last – he certainly put a decent day’s work in there!

Suzuki san - shuns the fame!

Big congrats also to Ikebukuro morning class’ Suzuki san. In his first competition in over two years he entered both the master absolute and his weight division and medalled with some decent wins by heel hook – watch out for it in class!


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