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February 27, 2012

Quite a few of the guys took a break from Jiu-Jitsu this Sunday as the UFC came to town – if you’re going to miss a day’s training, then missing it to go and watch the fights looks to be acceptable – 15 + Triforce guys ended up with tickets!

Sell out: meaning we had to wait in the cold before getting in - wasn't like this when we came to see Dynamite 2010 - we were straight in!

I guess we need to do a better job of communicating with each other just who wants to go the next time the UFC comes to Japan – we all ended up sitting apart from each other for the most part – I could have done with some extra support to drown out the some of the noise coming from the 8 or so extremely loud Ozzies sitting behind me….

The Octagon from the Y10,000 priced seats - couldn't justify the Y35,000 for the next expensive tickets - not a bad view though

The Octagon from the Y10,000 priced seats - couldn't justify the Y35,000 for the next expensive tickets - not a bad view though

The card was stacked and the fighters really delivered – we had submissions on the prelims, the first fight on the main card ended up being a knockout, and the championship fight was a 5 round war, with Frankie Edgar again putting his face first when trying to come up with the win (How many breaks can his nose take anyway??) The most enjoyable fight of the night for me however was Hatsu Hioki V Bart Palaszewski. After seeing Hioki have a luke warm debut a few months ago, I thought he would be in for a hard time against Bart, but he did everything but finish him – it was really enjoyable to see his deep ground game on show.

Hioki eventually transitioning to an arm bar - looked painful!

Hioki eventually transitioning to an arm bar - looked painful!

The fights finished 3pm ish Tokyo time, which meant the big rush back to the train and to Ikebukuro was on. Phone calls were made and mails sent, meaning  we all managed to meet up in an Ikebukuro bar – all without having to wait for trains – job well done!

I'm guessing tomorrow morning's Jiu-Jitsu class will be light on numbers...


All Japan Rookie Open: Nerima, Japan #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Tokyo .fb

February 20, 2012

The All Japan “Zen-Nihon Shin-Jin Sen-Shu Tai-Kai” Rookie Open was held yesterday at a sports centre in Nerima, Tokyo Japan. It might have been labeled as a beginners tournament but being honest,  there were a lot of high level fighters of all levels competing – there was also a pretty good turn out with some pretty high level fights taking place!

Tokyo in February can only be described as C-O-L-D! The sports centre was as usual clean and well prepped for a tournament, but god was it freezing! Fighters took to warming up in tracksuits under their gis, and waiting for their fights in down jackets and hoodies – I for one am really looking forward to the competition next month in March – for one thing, it’ll be a little warmer!

Cold - frickin cold!

The Triforce boys seemed to do a lot better in the open weight categories, with Ryosei, Shiratsuki san and amongst others myself managing to medal.

Shiratsuki san, myself & Ryosei

There are lots of competitions coming up, with the Dumau cup(?) next week, and the Kantou and Master and Senior tournaments being held in March. Good luck to those who have already decided to enter!

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February 13, 2012

Probably due to the competition that will be held on Sunday, lots of guys turned up for class this morning – sparring took on a different feel with Itoigawa sensei doing away with the caterpillar in favor of one guy staying in for as long as possible. My record: W1L1W3. Pretty knackered after that!

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February 11, 2012

Today was due to be a closed day at Triforce Ikebukuro, but Miyamoto sensei decided to open up the dojo for a few hours this morning, beginning at 11am for people who wanted to drop by for some sparring. I was a little worried come 11:05 with only 3 people, however people continued to drop in, making the numbers 10 or so, with the majority of the guys being high level (purple belts X 2, Brown belts X 2).

Customized Alma gi - very nice 😉

The All Japan Rookie Open is this month on the 19th – a lot of the guys from Ikebukuro have entered, so we’re hoping for a good showing and medal haul – ganbaru!