All Japan Rookie Open: Nerima, Japan #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Tokyo .fb

The All Japan “Zen-Nihon Shin-Jin Sen-Shu Tai-Kai” Rookie Open was held yesterday at a sports centre in Nerima, Tokyo Japan. It might have been labeled as a beginners tournament but being honest,  there were a lot of high level fighters of all levels competing – there was also a pretty good turn out with some pretty high level fights taking place!

Tokyo in February can only be described as C-O-L-D! The sports centre was as usual clean and well prepped for a tournament, but god was it freezing! Fighters took to warming up in tracksuits under their gis, and waiting for their fights in down jackets and hoodies – I for one am really looking forward to the competition next month in March – for one thing, it’ll be a little warmer!

Cold - frickin cold!

The Triforce boys seemed to do a lot better in the open weight categories, with Ryosei, Shiratsuki san and amongst others myself managing to medal.

Shiratsuki san, myself & Ryosei

There are lots of competitions coming up, with the Dumau cup(?) next week, and the Kantou and Master and Senior tournaments being held in March. Good luck to those who have already decided to enter!


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