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March 31, 2012

We were lucky to have Naoyoshi Watanabe available to take morning regular class at Triforce Ikebukuro this Friday morning – it was really nice to have him back at Triforce!

Me & Nao sensei

Me & Nao sensei

The technique portion of the class was just that – very technical! – we focused on escapes from foot locks and heel hooks – something we all need to be training as these types of submissions are a highlight of Iga sensei’s game, I myself being tapped many times by him. It’s good for me as a non Japanese speaker to have the technique broken down into baby steps for ease of understanding – I was thankful that the techniques were explained as so by Nao sensei – I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to defend myself the next time Iga sensei is cranking on my heel!

Yusuke sensei opting for a chill out

Yusuke sensei opting for a chill out



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March 25, 2012

Otsukaresamadeshita! Congratulations to all the fighters who participated in both competitions which were held yesterday, the (bigger) all Japan Master and Senior, and also the Kantou Open BJJ tourney. There was a big turn out from all Triforce clubs and a good number of us managed to medal (or at least pick up a certificate)!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium was chosen as the venue-in my opinion it is one of the best places to have a BJJ tourney – pretty easy to get to, good seating for the spectators and big enough to have six mats on the go at the same time, along with ample warming up space – was still a little cold though! Ryosei did raise the question of just why the windows on the far side had been blacked out -(bit of a shame as it was a nice day) the sun could have warmed the place up!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium (?)

Triforce Ikebukuro’s morning class was well represented, with Miyamoto sensei, myself, Shinsaka san and Ookubo san amongst others competing and managing to medal – in Ookubo san’s case, picking up gold in the white belt open class category – nice work sir! The story of my competition was failure to regain guard after having it passed – twice!? Definitely  lot more work to do before the next competition on the 21st April!

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)


Fight hard! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Japan .fb

March 22, 2012
Shibamoto sensei (white gi) & Ryosei

Shibamoto sensei (white gi) & Ryosei

Only 3 days to go until the Kanto Open tournament. Actually, 2 competitions will be held simultaneously, the Kanto and also the All Japan Master and Senior BJJ Open. I’ve entered the Kantou one and am hoping for a reasonable result. Tonight (Thurs) will be my last training session, after that I’ll rest up, charge my batteries for a few days then hopefully hit it hard come Sunday – best laid plans and all that!!

Even though he won’t compete on the weekend, Ryosei continues to hammer training – I’m actually glad I don’t need to meet him come Sunday on the mat! Here he is fighting hard  against Shibamoto sensei – definitely good work avoiding all Shibamoto sensei’s submissions and  keeping him on his toes!


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March 16, 2012
Mura san - Lightning the load by renting as gi...

Mura san - Lightning the load by renting as gi...

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than having to cart a) your gi, towel, protein shake and drinks with you to the dojo, only just to then have to b) cart your sweat riddled gi to work only to then have to  c) cart it home with you at the end of the day –  I put up with it – my gym bag isn’t the best matching bag to have when wearing a work suit, but what can you do? Some guys have seemingly had enough of this routine though, opting to go the rental route – Triforce has a pretty sweet rental system – you can pick up a tidy gi, belt and towel for ¥1,000 – a good deal if you need to do a lot of traveling about  after training 🙂

For hard core salaryman fighters, there is also the option of leaving your gi at Triforce, where the staff will wash, dry it, having it ready for you by the next time you come to train – it’s definitely worth it depending on how many days per week you want to train – check it out if you’re sick of dragging your gi all over town day after day!

Big big numbers at Jiujitsu this morning...

Spider Guard #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

March 12, 2012

I managed to arrive back in Tokyo in time to participate in tonight’s regular class, catching the sparring portion of the session. I’d spent Saturday chilling out up in Hakone, enjoying the onsen and generally being uber lazy…it certainly showed during sparring as I kinda struggled to get into gear!

After class finished we were treated to a brown belt level practice competition between Ueyama san and Nomura san.

Ueyama san (black gi) Nomura san (white gi)

Ueyama san (black gi) Nomura san (white gi)

There was a pretty big weight difference, with Ueyama san making good use of his power to crush Nomura san’s half guard and pass – things got a lot more difficult for Ueyama san though once Nomura san fired up his spider guard – switching arm control from right to left whilst keeping his hips moving really got him into some good positions to (almost X2) sweep Ueyama san. The spider guard: it definitely is the future!

Shark Tank! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

March 7, 2012


Thank god it’s started to get a little warmer recently – it looks like the days of freezing temperatures and icy roads are a thing of the past, at least for another year! With the slightly sunnier weather big numbers turned up to Triforce’s morning class today, with a lot of high level guys – definitely no places to hide during the sparring session. 

Shimyo sensei is down with influenza – hope he gets well soon! The B strain of the virus is (apparently, I’ve only been down with a heavy cold so far this winter, touch wood) doing the rounds at the moment and is picking up victims left right and centre – please take care of yourselves and invest in some alcohol hand sanitizer – you won’t regret it! 

Rain or shine… #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Japan #Jiujitsu

March 3, 2012
Work out before jiujitsu starts..? Rather you than me...

Work out before jiujitsu starts..? Rather you than me...

Big snow a few days ago, comfortably warm yesterday and now big rain today (1st March) – with the odd earthquake thrown in between, who knows what type of weather’s coming next! There were some mumblings at Jiujitsu this morning that the cold rainy weather was cause for some low energy performances – not sure if there is a strong link between weather and general genkiness though!