Spider Guard #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

I managed to arrive back in Tokyo in time to participate in tonight’s regular class, catching the sparring portion of the session. I’d spent Saturday chilling out up in Hakone, enjoying the onsen and generally being uber lazy…it certainly showed during sparring as I kinda struggled to get into gear!

After class finished we were treated to a brown belt level practice competition between Ueyama san and Nomura san.

Ueyama san (black gi) Nomura san (white gi)

Ueyama san (black gi) Nomura san (white gi)

There was a pretty big weight difference, with Ueyama san making good use of his power to crush Nomura san’s half guard and pass – things got a lot more difficult for Ueyama san though once Nomura san fired up his spider guard – switching arm control from right to left whilst keeping his hips moving really got him into some good positions to (almost X2) sweep Ueyama san. The spider guard: it definitely is the future!


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