Kantou and Master / Senior #BJJ tournament #Tokyo #Triforce .fb

Otsukaresamadeshita! Congratulations to all the fighters who participated in both competitions which were held yesterday, the (bigger) all Japan Master and Senior, and also the Kantou Open BJJ tourney. There was a big turn out from all Triforce clubs and a good number of us managed to medal (or at least pick up a certificate)!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium was chosen as the venue-in my opinion it is one of the best places to have a BJJ tourney – pretty easy to get to, good seating for the spectators and big enough to have six mats on the go at the same time, along with ample warming up space – was still a little cold though! Ryosei did raise the question of just why the windows on the far side had been blacked out -(bit of a shame as it was a nice day) the sun could have warmed the place up!

Komazawa Olympic Park Stadium (?)

Triforce Ikebukuro’s morning class was well represented, with Miyamoto sensei, myself, Shinsaka san and Ookubo san amongst others competing and managing to medal – in Ookubo san’s case, picking up gold in the white belt open class category – nice work sir! The story of my competition was failure to regain guard after having it passed – twice!? Definitely  lot more work to do before the next competition on the 21st April!

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)

Shinsaka san(L) Shy guy and myself (R)



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