Hi from Denmark & congrats! #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo #Jiujitsu

If I have work following morning jiujitsu, I usually skip the warm up and just attend from the sparring portion of class – it:s pretty tough to work until 10:30 PM so I need all the sleep I can get beforehand! As I was making my way to Triforce yesterday I received a tongue-in-cheek twitter mail from Ookubo san; “Daniel! A guy from Denmark has arrived and we’re struggling to communicate”! You’d think  that with all the foreign guys coming and going English communication would be no problem by now 🙂

John from Denmark - center

John from Denmark - center

Class today focused on sweeps from the butterfly guard – I was partnered up with John (go figure) as we worked through the three sweep variations – as a black belt John was all over these techniques and gave me some decent pointers on how to set up the sweeps better and to anticipate possible defensive outs that the opponent might take – thanks for the useful tips!



Finally, congrats to all the guys who gained their new belts over the weekend! Unfortunately, due to work I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony – hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next one! Once again, big congratulations!

Congrats Shinsaka san!

Congrats Shinsaka san!

Shinsaka san picked up his purple belt after class yesterday morning as he too was unable to attend the belt ceremony over the weekend – congratulations!



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