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May 31, 2012

Ryosei turned me onto coconut water a few months ago, and I’ve been hitting two cans of the pulpy stuff after each training session – it’s not as bad tasting as I thought it would be. I’m not sure if the science is in yet, but with a decent dose of carbohydrate and vitamin C in each can I guess it can go someway to fueling my body after training – plus, it’s got to be better than sugar heavy pocari sweat 🙂

Coconut water - Thailand's finest!

Coconut water – Thailand’s finest!

The problem is finding a decent supply! There is a Yamaya supermarket a block away from the Academy which sells a can for 128 yen or so – not bad indeed – when they have it! I’ve hunted around some of the other big supermarkets in Ikebukuro, however the best they can come up with is coconut milk – a different kettle of fish altogether- I might have to start looking further afield or even better arrange to get a steady supply of the stuff delivered – the question is though, is it really worth it?!



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May 28, 2012
Another decent morning class....

Another decent morning class….

With the BJJ worlds kicking off soon, Shibamoto sensei and Sawada san will soon leave for the US to compete. In the case of Sawada san, there seems to be something like 20 people or so in his division – I hope he can make a good use of his inverted guard in order to  pick up some quick wins on the way to a medal!  I think Roger Ver will also compete, so  good luck to all!

Class today was all about sparring – we quickly practiced some arm bar techniques / transitions before getting into it, which seemed to be a little more intense than usual – I’m wondering whether I’ll be good for kettle bell practice tonight…..


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May 14, 2012
Miyamoto sensei demonstrating a sweep from the sitting guard

Miyamoto sensei demonstrating a sweep from the sitting guard

Slowly but surely, it’s getting hotter. Today will peak somewhere near 25 degrees – I was up at 6am today in order to get down to physiotherapy before morning jiujitsu, and it was already on it’s way to being a hot day even then. Probably from this month I’ll quit going to morning jim-jitsu if I have work afterwards – I’m kind of lucky in that I can choose to work one day per week from 7am till 4pm, meaning that I can catch evening jiujitsu – in order to avoid the wearing-suit-whilst-sweating-buckets-due-to-bjj feeling, I guess I’ll do this until it cools down later on in the year.

Today’s technique was all about the sitting guard. I think this is one technique (sweep) where it is more about the set up than the actual execution – if you get a hook in whilst getting your hands where you need to be, you’re on a winner – hesitate or fumbling the set up often (in my case) results in being passed – not cool!

The class was wound up with a fight between Sawada and Hori sans, with Hayakawa sensei refereeing. The fight was pretty close, with Sawada choosing to keep things in his guard, with Hori looking for the pass – more than one time I thought Sawada san had a sweep, only for Hori san to regain his composure and continue trying to pass. At the death  Sawada san might of tapped Hori with a wrist lock, only for time to run out – I wasn’t sure of the score, but it was close, with Sawada san winning by a point or two.