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Miyamoto sensei demonstrating a sweep from the sitting guard

Miyamoto sensei demonstrating a sweep from the sitting guard

Slowly but surely, it’s getting hotter. Today will peak somewhere near 25 degrees – I was up at 6am today in order to get down to physiotherapy before morning jiujitsu, and it was already on it’s way to being a hot day even then. Probably from this month I’ll quit going to morning jim-jitsu if I have work afterwards – I’m kind of lucky in that I can choose to work one day per week from 7am till 4pm, meaning that I can catch evening jiujitsu – in order to avoid the wearing-suit-whilst-sweating-buckets-due-to-bjj feeling, I guess I’ll do this until it cools down later on in the year.

Today’s technique was all about the sitting guard. I think this is one technique (sweep) where it is more about the set up than the actual execution – if you get a hook in whilst getting your hands where you need to be, you’re on a winner – hesitate or fumbling the set up often (in my case) results in being passed – not cool!

The class was wound up with a fight between Sawada and Hori sans, with Hayakawa sensei refereeing. The fight was pretty close, with Sawada choosing to keep things in his guard, with Hori looking for the pass – more than one time I thought Sawada san had a sweep, only for Hori san to regain his composure and continue trying to pass. At the death  Sawada san might of tapped Hori with a wrist lock, only for time to run out – I wasn’t sure of the score, but it was close, with Sawada san winning by a point or two.


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