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Ryosei turned me onto coconut water a few months ago, and I’ve been hitting two cans of the pulpy stuff after each training session – it’s not as bad tasting as I thought it would be. I’m not sure if the science is in yet, but with a decent dose of carbohydrate and vitamin C in each can I guess it can go someway to fueling my body after training – plus, it’s got to be better than sugar heavy pocari sweat 🙂

Coconut water - Thailand's finest!

Coconut water – Thailand’s finest!

The problem is finding a decent supply! There is a Yamaya supermarket a block away from the Academy which sells a can for 128 yen or so – not bad indeed – when they have it! I’ve hunted around some of the other big supermarkets in Ikebukuro, however the best they can come up with is coconut milk – a different kettle of fish altogether- I might have to start looking further afield or even better arrange to get a steady supply of the stuff delivered – the question is though, is it really worth it?!



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