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July 20, 2012

It’s getting hotter. It’s getting super humid. It’s getting sweaty on the mat, even more so than usual, which is an unfortunate situation for all the guys but heaven for bacteria. We’re lucky at Triforce in that the management team are super serious about keeping things (anti bacterially) clean and tidy – important when fending off a multitude of infections which have raised their ugly heads when training abroad – just ask Roger!

Shimyo san with the antibacterial swuffer!

Shimyo san with the antibacterial swuffer!

I’ve had a tiny skin issue on my knee for the past month or so, which had really been annoying me. The skin reddened, then broke as I kneeled ready to fight. Every time I repeated the action, my weight would grind the broken skin into my sweaty gi pants, which in all honestly was probably not 100% my sweat, leading to dare I say it, some potential infection. In order to get a handle on it I invested in some Defense Soap. The soap costs $36, plus the same again for postage which is extortionate for soap, but in honesty its a solid product – I owe the great Joe Rogan a debt of thanks for pushing it on his podcast – after a week, 10 days or so using it my knee is back to 100%. Recommended to all ground fighters!

Heavy duty sparring

Heavy duty sparring


July 14, 2012

Please also check out Ryosei’s blog here 😉

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Bruno Frazzatto seminar

Last year I was one of those guys who ignored the signs their body was giving them  and was constantly over trained resulting in numerous injuries throughout the year, unfortunately one of the injuries I received was the day before the Frazzatto seminar.I was gutted to say the least. If I could have walked a would have at least gone to watch the seminar. Fast forward a year and Bruno Frazzatto announced a seminar at Tri Force Shinjuku, I jumped on the chance and for only 5,000 yen, what a bargain!.

Bruno has a professional and friendly approach to his seminar.Upon arriving at the club he  greeted everyone on the mat before we lined up and began. Even with the language barrier you could clearly tell he was genuinely interested in the students gaining as much as possible from the limited time. Not only did he specifically request at…

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Tell me if it hurts…. #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo

July 13, 2012

Nagamoto san took it upon himself to check the general condition of the guys last night as he has some experience with bad neck and back injuries – I’m not sure if Itoigawa sensei was overly happy with the result of his assessment though…he gave me the once over too and I was happy with his thoughts – no major problems with my waist, hip area, but need to work a lot more on my neck and shoulders to avoid another injury down the road – I’ll take that piece of advice seriously!

Tell me if it hurts....

Tell me if it hurts….

Challenge #BJJ #Triforce #Tokyo

July 4, 2012
Ryosei & Laura

Ryosei & Laura

Bumped into Ryosei and Laura today at the end of the 7:30pm regular class – Laura looked the biz in her pink Atama gi – a little too good in fact as talk of Ryosei taxing it in order to use it in competition was (seriously?!) discussed – I’ll say it here, I’d pay money to see it Ryosei step onto the competition mat in a pink number!

Yesterday; 6 people, today; 20 people - what's up with that?!

Yesterday; 6 people, today; 20 people – what’s up with that?!

Class was mental today – 20 guys & gals turned up to train and as you might expect, space was at a premium – I still managed to pick up 5 fights though after skipping the warm up – considering I was up at 5:30am for work, I think a job was well done!