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Bruno Frazzatto seminar

Last year I was one of those guys who ignored the signs their body was giving them Ā and was constantly over trained resulting in numerous injuries throughout the year, unfortunately one of the injuries IĀ received wasĀ the day before the Frazzatto seminar.I was gutted to say the least. If I could have walked a would have at least gone to watch the seminar. Fast forward a year and Bruno Frazzatto announced a seminar at Tri Force Shinjuku, I jumped on the chance and for only 5,000 yen, what a bargain!.

Bruno has a professional and friendly approach to his seminar.Upon arriving at the club he Ā greeted everyone on the mat before we lined up and began. Even with the language barrier you could clearly tell he was genuinely interested in the students gaining as much as possible from the limited time. Not only did he specifically request atā€¦

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