Welcome, John! #BJJ

John (left) We welcomed John from Seattle to Triforce a day or so ago – thanks for coming and rolling with us! John trains with Gracie Barra in Seattle, and when he’s not doing that he works magic at Amazon – as a regular user of that site, please keep up the good work over there! I think John said that he will be in Tokyo until Sunday before flying back to the US, with his last training day being Sunday – have a safe journey home!

Daisuke (top) V Yoshiki At the end of class Hayakawa sensei held a practice fight, with Daisuke (purple) taking on Yoshiki (blue) – it was felt that due to his recent competition success Yoshiki could handle to step up – and this proved to be the case more or less,  with Daisuke eventually winning on points (4-0). Good fight all round with plenty of action!




2 Responses to Welcome, John! #BJJ

  1. John Usui-Villareal says:

    Hi Daniel this is John commenting back in the US now. Thanks for the warm reception. I couldn’t make it in again before leaving Japan as had to attend to some family matters. I will definitely be back to train again whenever I visit Japan. I was really challenged and came back unscathed. Hayakawa Sensei thank you very much for allowing me to train alongside your talented students and for the wonderful instruction. Yusuke thanks for getting me set up and welcoming me into the dojo. Coach Shunsuke and Coach Miyamoto thanks for the wonderful workout/instruction and for rolling with me. All the best in training and best of luck in competing.

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