Back in the game! #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce #Jiujitsu #Delariva

I’m glad to be back safe in Tokyo after two weeks or so in the UK where I visited friends and family – not an iota of jiujitsu was undertaken during this time, despite a new jiu jitsu club opening 30 minutes from my parents house! I wanted to rest up and rehab the few niggling injuries I’d had – you know, the tiny injuries we all get through training hard which bother us, just not enough to stop going to the academy. In my case it was sore fingers, neck twinges (as always) and twinges with my left knee. I enjoyed doing some heavy stretching daily and eating (a lot) and I have to say now I feel great and ready to hit training 100%!

Me with an extremely thin Jun Sakamoto @ TF Shinjuku

Me with an extremely thin Jun Sakamoto @ TF Shinjuku

I got back to Japan this Tuesday and full of jet lag and plastic airplane meals my first port of call was Triforce Shinjuku on the following Wednesday night (Triforce Ikebukuro being closed every 5th of the month). It was great to be back on the blue mat and rolling with the guys, but god if I soon realized that holidays and jiu jitsu really don’t mix! I felt as if my cardio stood up ok and hadn’t diminished too much, but god if I was off pace, sluggish and second to the ball every time – even pulling off my usual go to sweeps were almost an impossibility – shocking really!

Miyamoto sensei (bottom) demonstrating some De La Riva sweeps

Miyamoto sensei (bottom) demonstrating some De La Riva sweeps

Things got a lot better yesterday – it’s amazing what a regular sleep pattern can do for you! It was great to be back at Triforce Ikebukuro for the regular morning class and to roll with the guys again. Miyamoto sensei demonstrated various sweeps from the De La Riva guard, something I with long legs should be utilizing more of but for some reason (general lack of skill?!) don’t. The key for me with this guard is to have the confidence to release the opponents right sleeve grip in order to sit up and move to execute. Usually, in my case if I’m not quick to sit up after letting go of the sleeve my opnent will just go heavy moving to pass. After more of Miyamoto san’s advice I feel more confident to hit this when rolling so I’ll be looking for it from now on – bring on Sunday!


2 Responses to Back in the game! #BJJ #Tokyo #Triforce #Jiujitsu #Delariva

  1. Jack says:

    Welcome back! See you some on the mat for some BJJ action.

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